Get Your House in Order #7: Justified by His Grace

August 18, 2013
18 Aug 2013

Today, Rev. Tom Cox teaches from Titus 3.5-15 as it pertains to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the doctrine of justification.

Get Your House in Order #6

August 11, 2013
11 Aug 2013

Rev. Tom Cox teaches us that it is the work of God that save us as he teaches from Titus 3.1-5.

Get Your House In Order #5 Titus 2:9-15 GOD’s grace and our salvation

August 4, 2013
04 Aug 2013

Ezra 3:8-13 Rev.Tom Cox discusses how to rebuild our church.

July 28, 2013
28 Jul 2013

Get Your House in Order #4: Multi-Generational Church

July 21, 2013
21 Jul 2013

Rev. Tom Cox teaches us how to live within the multi-generational church as outlined in Titus 2.1-8.

Get Your House in Order #3: False Teachers

July 14, 2013
14 Jul 2013

Rev. Tom Cox talks on false teachers…then and now…as he discusses Titus 1.10-16.  Listen to the message Rev. Tom brings as he reminds us that adding anything to salvation by faith in Christ alone is contrary to the Gospel.

Get Your House in Order: #2 True Elders

July 7, 2013
07 Jul 2013

Titus 1.5-9 speaks on the leaders of the church and their ‘qualifications’ for the position.  Hear what Rev. Tom Cox has to say about these verses.

Get Your House In Order #1

June 30, 2013
30 Jun 2013

This week, Rev. Tom Cox begins a new study from Titus.  His message, from Titus 1.1-5, gives us an introduction into the author, audience and purpose of this letter.

Walk This Way: Pray in the Spirit

June 23, 2013
23 Jun 2013

Two weeks ago Rev. Tom Cox talked on the ‘armor’ of God and how we are to stand firm.  This week’s message, from Ephesians 6.18-24, explains how to stand firm by praying in the Spirit.  Rev. Tom Cox outlines the applications on how to pray.

A Father To You

June 16, 2013
16 Jun 2013

Rev. Mo Up De Graff, our visiting pastor, spoke on our relationship to our Heavenly Father on this Father’s Day.  His text is from II Corinthians 6.16-17.1.