Lord of the Sabbath

March 16, 2014
16 Mar 2014

In Luke 6.1-11, Christ has an encounter with the Pharisees in regard to keeping the Sabbath.  How are we to honor God on the Sabbath in the 21st century?  Hear what Rev. Tom Cox says about keeping the Sabbath.

New Wineskins

March 9, 2014
09 Mar 2014

Luke 5.27-39 speaks on the conversion of Matthew and the argument of the Pharisees with Christ on His practice of eating with tax collectors and sinners.  Are we guilty of not giving up everything for Christ, but trying to appease society?  Hear what Rev. Tom Cox says about Luke 5.27-39.

Blasphemy or Authority

March 2, 2014
02 Mar 2014

Luke 5.12-26 tells of the encounters of Christ with the leper and the paraplegic and how the religious leaders thought that Christ’s statement of “I forgive you of your sins” was blasphemous.  With Christ healing both people, is He truly blasphemous or does He have the authority to forgive sins?  Hear what Rev. Tom Cox has to say on these verses.

Fishers of Men

February 23, 2014
23 Feb 2014

Today, Rev. Tom Cox speaks on Peter’s change from ‘fisherman’ to ‘fishers of men’ as it is recorded in Luke 5.1-11.

The Witness of Demons

February 16, 2014
16 Feb 2014

Rev. Tom Cox discusses how even demons recognize Jesus’ deity as recorded in Luke 4.31-44.

The Witness of Isaiah

February 9, 2014
09 Feb 2014

Today, Rev. Tom Cox speaks on how Christ identified Himself through the message of the prophet Isaiah as recorded in Luke 4.14-30.

The Witness of the Word

February 2, 2014
02 Feb 2014

During Jesus’ time in the wilderness, He was tempted by Satan.  Hear what Rev. Tom Cox says on how Jesus uses the witness of God’s Word to turn Satan away as written in Luke 4.1-13.

The Baptisms of Jesus

January 28, 2014
28 Jan 2014

Rev. Tom Cox explores the baptisms of Jesus at the beginning of His ministry as they are recorded in Luke 3.15-22.


January 19, 2014
19 Jan 2014

Rev. Tom Cox reviews and discusses the significance of Christ’s genealogy as it is recorded in Luke 3.23-38.

The Baptizer

January 12, 2014
12 Jan 2014

Luke 3.1-14 recounts how John the Baptist was preparing the way for Christ.  Listen to Rev. Tom Cox as he compares John’s ministry to our ministry of today as we prepare the way for Christ’s second coming.