Walk This Way: Pray in the Spirit

June 23, 2013
23 Jun 2013

Two weeks ago Rev. Tom Cox talked on the ‘armor’ of God and how we are to stand firm.  This week’s message, from Ephesians 6.18-24, explains how to stand firm by praying in the Spirit.  Rev. Tom Cox outlines the applications on how to pray.

A Father To You

June 16, 2013
16 Jun 2013

Rev. Mo Up De Graff, our visiting pastor, spoke on our relationship to our Heavenly Father on this Father’s Day.  His text is from II Corinthians 6.16-17.1.

Walk This Way: Spiritual Warfare

June 9, 2013
09 Jun 2013

This week Rev. Tom Cox discusses Ephesians 6.10-17 and helps us to understand how we are to take up the armor of God and stand firm in our faith.

Spirit-Filled Homes and Work

June 2, 2013
02 Jun 2013

This week Rev. Tom Cox describes what a ‘spirit-filled home’ and how our work ethics should be as he teaches from Ephesians 6.1-9.

Spirit-Filled Marriage

May 26, 2013
26 May 2013

We have been studying how to “walk in light, wisdom and love.”  Now, let us see how this ties into how we live with those around us.   Rev. Tom Cox discusses the “spirit-filled marriage” and how Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (Ephesians 5.21-33) outlines the different roles, but equal value to both husband and wife.

Walk This Way: Walk in Wisdom

May 19, 2013
19 May 2013

How do we, as Christians, walk in wisdom?  Listen to Rev. Tom Cox as he helps us to understand Ephesians 5.15-20 and how to ‘walk in wisdom.’


Jesus and His Mom

May 12, 2013
12 May 2013

One of the sayings of Christ on the cross were words to His mother.  He showed us His compassion for His mother which teaches us how to honor our own mothers.  Rev. Tom Cox discusses “Jesus and His Mom” as recorded in John 19.25-27 for Mother’s Day.

Walk this Way: Walk in Light

May 5, 2013
05 May 2013

Ephesians 5.7-14 talks on walking in the light and turning from darkness.  What does God mean by this and how are we, as Christians, to maintain a godly walk in this dark world?  Hear what Rev. Tom Cox has to say on this topic.

Walk This Way: Walk In Love

April 28, 2013
28 Apr 2013

How do we walk in love?  Does our thoughts and actions show that we are in Christ, or do we do as the world does?  Ephesians 5.1-6 outlines our behavior with one another and the type of love we are to exhibit.  Listen, now, to Rev. Tom Cox as he brings us God’s message from Ephesians.

Walk This Way: One Another

April 21, 2013
21 Apr 2013

Ephesians 4.25-32 continues on how the “new self” differs from the “old self,” especially on how we are to live with one another.  Listen to Rev. Tom Cox as he speaks to us on how to walk in a way that honors God and treats one another with love.