The Meaning of Membership #2: We Are Reformed

September 22, 2013
22 Sep 2013

Today, Rev. Tom Cox outlines the highlights of the Protestant Reformation and explores the “Sola” system (Latin for “only or alone”) through various verses in 2 Timothy (focusing on 2 Timothy 3.16-17).

The Meaning Of Membership #1: We are Christians

September 15, 2013
15 Sep 2013

Rev. Tom Cox is exploring for various levels of membership with a new series entitled “The Meaning of Membership.”  If you are interested in knowing the differences in our faith, denomination and, then specifically, in our church, this series will be of interest to you.

Finding Hope in God’s Goodness #3: Job as a Test Case

September 8, 2013
08 Sep 2013

With many excerpts from the Book of Job, Rev. Tom Cox discusses that, while Job lost so much (family, wealth, and health), he continued to worship God and found hope in God’s goodness.  Listen to a soul-searching sermon on how we, as Christians, should respond to life troubles.

Finding Hope In God’s Goodness #2: When Your World is Coming Apart

September 1, 2013
01 Sep 2013

Today’s message is from Psalm 139.7-16.  Rev. Tom Cox discusses, through his own personal experiences, how we are to hold on to God and His promises as we go through various hardships and trials through life.

Finding Hope in God’s Goodness #1: Spiritual Nuclear Winter

August 25, 2013
25 Aug 2013

Rev. Tom Cox speaks from Hebrews 6.10-12 as he outlines his thoughts on adversity in a Christian’s life.

Get Your House in Order #7: Justified by His Grace

August 18, 2013
18 Aug 2013

Today, Rev. Tom Cox teaches from Titus 3.5-15 as it pertains to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the doctrine of justification.

Get Your House in Order #6

August 11, 2013
11 Aug 2013

Rev. Tom Cox teaches us that it is the work of God that save us as he teaches from Titus 3.1-5.

Get Your House In Order #5 Titus 2:9-15 GOD’s grace and our salvation

August 4, 2013
04 Aug 2013

Ezra 3:8-13 Rev.Tom Cox discusses how to rebuild our church.

July 28, 2013
28 Jul 2013

Get Your House in Order #4: Multi-Generational Church

July 21, 2013
21 Jul 2013

Rev. Tom Cox teaches us how to live within the multi-generational church as outlined in Titus 2.1-8.