The Practical Presence of God

August 17, 2014
17 Aug 2014

Dr. Doug Tilley, former pastor of Malvern Hills Presbyterian Church, brings today’s message from Psalm 139.1-12; the presence of God.  We, as Christians, are blessed with God’s presence at all times.  Listen to Dr. Tilley’s message on how God’s presence should impact our lives.

Jesus and the Storms of Life

August 10, 2014
10 Aug 2014

Luke 8.22-25 shows Christ’s divine nature in His command of the ‘storms of life.’  Listen to Rev. Tom Cox as he brings today’s message.

Loving Others

August 3, 2014
03 Aug 2014

Today, guest pastor Rev. Brian Thomas of Reformed University Fellowship at Western Carolina University, speaks on love and how we, as Christians, should demonstrate it to our neighbors.  Rev. Thomas speaks from Luke 10.25-37; the familiar story of the “Good Samaritan.”

Be Careful, Little Ears…

July 27, 2014
27 Jul 2014

Does your faith shine through your actions, words, and deeds?  Do others know about your faith?  Hear Rev. Tom Cox speak from Luke 8.16-21.

Parable of the Soils: Good Dirt!

July 20, 2014
20 Jul 2014

Luke 8.4-15 is today’s scripture which retells the parable of the seeds, sower, and soil.  Listen to Rev. Tom Cox as he expounds on the parable and points out what the good soil will produce.

The Company That Jesus Keeps

July 13, 2014
13 Jul 2014

Luke 8.1-3 records the type of company Jesus kept during His ministry.  Rev. Tom Cox speaks on the variety of people Jesus surrounded Himself and how most were healed not only physical but spiritually.

CORRECTION: In this message on The Company Jesus Keeps, Pastor Cox affirms the vital role that women play in the church.  Near the end of the sermon, he accidentally misspoke and said that the offices of elder and deacon are open to women only– of course, he meant to say that only men are ordained to office in the church in our denomination.  He corrected this misstatement in brief remarks at the close of the worship service. Pastor Cox apologizes for any confusion he might have caused.


Forgiven Much?

July 6, 2014
06 Jul 2014

Today, a sinners story.  Listen to Rev. Tom Cox as he explores Luke 7.36-50.

How to Leave a Legacy with Your Tongue

June 29, 2014
29 Jun 2014

Rev. Tom Cox speaks on one of the most important aspects of our Christian life…our speech!  His message focused on Proverbs 15.1-7, James 3.1-12, and Ephesians 4.25-32 and emphasized how our speech should encourage, not hurt, others.

How to Leave a Legacy with the Truth

June 22, 2014
22 Jun 2014

Rev. Tom Cox speaks from Romans 1.14-17 as he outlines how we should feel an obligation and be eager to tell others the truth (the Gospel) and not to be ashamed to call ourselves Christians.  Hear his powerful message on how to leave a legacy with the truth.

How to Leave a Legacy with Your Treasure

June 15, 2014
15 Jun 2014

Are you giving to the Lord with thanksgiving or is your attitude one of keeping what you have?  Rev. Tom Cox speaks on how to leave a legacy with your treasure, both here on earth and in heaven.  Listen to Rev. Cox as he speaks from 2 Corinthians 8.1-5 and 2 Corinthians 9.6-15.